Prospective Students

Who are we Looking for?

Prospective PhD and MSc students should email their CV and a summary of their motivation for joining our lab (e.g., read some of our publications to get a sense of what we are about). I am particularly interested in people who possess a solid work ethic, sound judgment, ecological imagination/intuition, scientific intelligence, a sense of self-responsibility, and team spirit (e.g., our lab strives to help each other out and share resources whenever possible).

The flexibility of a potential thesis project will depend on the primary source of funding and the degree of focus demonstrated by the student upon the start of their program. For example, a scholarship holder with a strong sense of what they would like to pursue as a thesis project will be given the greatest amount of freedom (e.g., PhD research). In contrast, students funded primarily by grants that contain specific objectives will experience a more pre-determined course of research, which is more characteristic of many MSc theses in our lab. All research costs, including at least one summer undergraduate assistant for all field projects, are covered by funds from my grants unless the student has been awarded their own research grants.

Financial support for living costs is guaranteed from the outset once a student begins their graduate program. The annual salary for each student varies around $24 – 25K, comprised mainly of teaching assistantshipsdepartmental and university-level awards and scholarships, and my research funds. Guaranteed funding spans a total of two years for MSc students, and five years for PhD students.

Sound like you?

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